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On this website, open source programs are used for nearly all programs.
Thanks to everyone who developed such a wonderful program!

Nearly all services are managed by the server owned by the administrator.

For the application mail server only, we use the following server.

Mail hosted by ConoHa by GMO

Virtual Host (Reverse Proxy / Misskey / Jinro)

Web Server|

CentOS 8 (Virtualization on Microsoft Hyper-V)

v1-Core| Variable (512M - 4G)| 50GB (VHDX)

Global: Max. 500Mbps / Local: 10Gbps

Virtual Host (PHP App)

PHP App Server|

CentOS 8 (Virtualization on Microsoft Hyper-V)

v1-Core| Variable (512M - 4G)| 50GB (OS, VHDX) / 50GB (Data, VHDX)

Global: 10Mbps / Local: 10Gbps

Virtual Host (Docker)

Docker Server|

CentOS 7 (Virtualization on Microsoft Hyper-V)

v1-Core| Variable (512M - 4G)| 100GB (VHDX)

Global: 10Mbps / Local: 10Gbps

Physical Machine (VPN / NTP)

VPN / NTP Server|

CentOS 8| 100Mbps

Intel Atom Z3735F| DDR3L-1333 1GB

40GB (8GB eMMC + SanDisk 32GB microSDHC)

Physical Machine (Web)

Windows 10 Pro| Intel Core i5-6500

DDR4-2133 32GB (Team DDR4-2400 16GB x2)



SAMSUNG TLC SSD 750 EVO 250GB (Media-Data)

TOSHIBA MD03ACA300V 7,200rpm 3TB HDD x2 (Storage)

KDDI Optical 1G (IPv4/IPv6 Dualstack)

VPS (Mail)

Mail Server|

CentOS 7| 100Mbps

v2-Core| 1GB| 100GB

ConoHa by GMO


Web Server (H2O / Apache 2.4)

DB Server (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis)

VPN Server (SoftEther VPN)

NTP Server (Chrony)

Object Storage (Minio)

Program Lang ( )

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Provided by Uptime Robot

This website adopts Koruri Font.
Since it uses it as a Web font, the same font is displayed from any environment.

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