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  • Please select either "男性" (male) or "女性" (female) name by radio button below.
  • Select "苗字のみ" to generate only the last name, and select "名前のみ" to generate only the first name.
  • When "生成!" botton is pressed, ten Japanese name-like character strings are displayed.
    ※The name is displayed below the "生成!" button.
  • Generation method of this device is a generation method generally called "dictionary type" holding the last name and name as DB.
  • As for the specification, Japanese surnames and names are converted to DB. (Hiragana etc. Names other than kanji are not included in the DB.)
  • The total number of dictionaries is surname: 45906, name (man): 54137, name (female): 35765.
  • There is a combination of about 4.127 billion ways.

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