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Please access to
One image is randomly selected from a lot of images, and it is displayed as a JPEG image.
Since it is output as an image, you can display an image by specifying it with <img src="">.

If you enter "?id=ID" (eg at the end of the URL, you can display a specific image.
The ID is stored in the HTTP header named "X-Media-ID".

To find the ID, you need to check the HTTP header with the browser developer tool etc. For that purpose we have prepared a mode for developers.
Please put "?dev" at the end of the URL. If you reload within 30 seconds after accessing the page, the same image will be displayed. Please use this function to obtain ID.

If you enter "?help" at the end of the URL, a help page will be displayed.
For details, please see the help page.

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